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We Are An Audio Company Built For You


Emotiva invests heavily in quality, engineering, and development and assures you that every Emotiva products will go head to head with those costing several times the price. Go ahead. Look around. Compare Emotiva products to the competition. We think you’ll find that anything even remotely comparable will be several times the price. And this goes for any metric: sonic and visual performance, aesthetics and design, quality and finish. If you’re shopping at our price point, we’re the logical choice!

At Emotiva you’re in charge because we have a different approach to doing business. If you like the idea of designing and setting up your dream system yourself, you can purchase directly from us.If you want expert advice and support from purchase to set up, or you just don’t want to do it yourself, we have quality retail partners and experts able to assist you. Make the purchase decision that’s best for you. We think you’ll agree this is the way to buy in the 21st century.