Out-of-this-world sound. Down-to-earth prices.

Emotiva systems are designed to let you hear every nuance of your music, from the most subtle micro-detailin an intimate jazz duet, to the most powerful crescendo in your favorite orchestral masterpiece. And, unlike with some of those overpriced boutique brands, when you purchase our equipment, you’ll have enough money left over to buy some great music to listen to.

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The system of your dreams to last a lifetime

Not just good looks - Emotiva products are beautiful on the inside.

At Emotiva, high quality and high performance don’t translate to high price. Our stereo systems get out of the way of the music so you can hear every nuance of perfectly balanced sound exactly as the original artist intended - you’ll think your collection is brand-new.

All of our stereo systems are tested with a wide variety of musical material to ensure that they sound great with every kind of music. Finally, you can do justice to your highest-quality recordings - make your vinyl albums sound great, hear every instrument clearly defined in your soundtracks, and rediscover your digital music with Emotiva.

Modern high-resolution recordings are capable of conveying an astonishing level of nuance and detail, and our ears are capable of discerning far more than many of us realize. Every Emotiva system is capable of delivering the level of quality you need to truly appreciate how great your music can sound. Our products will elevate your listening experience to a whole new level, bringing you more immersive enjoyment from your music than you ever thought possible before. And, they look great doing it.

Top to Bottom; Inside and Out; Simply The Best

Emotiva systems don’t just look great - they are built from the ground up, to exacting standards, to provide the greatest value imaginable.

At Emotiva, we design each of our systems entirely from top to bottom with the understanding that technology evolves and needs change - we build for the future. Every Emotiva system is built for the future, not for obsolescence. Our modular, upgradeable designs work together seamlessly to create end-to-end solutions whether you are outfitting your dorm room or your in-home theater. We are designers, engineers, creators, audiophiles, music and movie enthusiasts, and we’re all here for the same reason you are: simply great sound. With Emotiva, you can rest assured you’re making a valuable investment in stunning specialty products that are handcrafted with care.

The Best Value Stereo System - Ever

BasX PT-100, A-150, 2 LCR, BasX CD-100, S8 subwoofer

This system is proof that a great sounding stereo system doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require an engineer to set up and operate. We’ve started with our BasX PT-100, which combines a tuner, a preamp, and a DAC. The PT-100 has inputs for a variety of analog and digital sources, and includes a high quality phono preamp if you happen to be into vinyl. The controls are simple, and, most important of all, it sounds great. We’ve matched the PT-100 to our BasX A-150 power amp, which provides plenty of power to run practically any speakers. For speakers, we’ve chosen a pair of our BasX LCR loudspeakers, which sound amazing, fit on most bookshelves, and can be wall mounted if you like. We’ve included our BasX CD-100 audiophile CD player as a high-quality music source, and one of our BasX S8 powered subwoofers to complete the set.

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The Audiophile’s Dream: Our Best Stereo System

XSP-1, DR-2 Amp, T2, Airmotiv S10, ERC-3

If you’re looking for a truly superb stereo music system, you’ve come to the right place. It starts with our best stereo preamp – the XSP-1 Gen2. The XSP-1 combines a pure analog signal path with precise digital control to give you the best possible audiophile sound quality. The XSP-1 offers a fully balanced signal path for purists, full analog bass management, and a high-quality phono preamp for vinyl fans. Our XPA-DR2 fully differential fully balanced power amplifier delivers the ultimate in finesse and raw power. The XPA-DR2 delivers 550 watts/channel into 8 ohms (or 800 watts/channel into 4 Ohms), and features true audiophile-quality Class A/B amplification, our efficient Soft Switch™ Class H power supply topology, and our new fully regulated switch mode power supply (SMPS). For speakers, we’ve chosen our top-of-the-line Airmotiv T2 tower loudspeakers, which combine accurate frequency response, low distortion, and a remarkably clear and pristine midrange. We’ve also included one of our Airmotiv S10 subs, which combines true musical performance with impressive bass impact. And finally, for a source, we’re included our ERC-3 audiophile grade CD player and transport. The bottom line: if you’re looking for a truly superb stereo system, we’ve done all the work for you with this one. Just sit back and enjoy the music.

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