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Plug-in module adds Bluetooth capability to Emotiva MC-700, PT-100, TA-100, and UMC-200.

  • The BTM-1 is an accessory Bluetooth receiver module that adds a Bluetooth audio input to several emotiva products, allowing you to beam high-quality music directly to your home theater or audio system from any Bluetooth-enabled phone or audio player.

    The BTM-1 is currently compatible with the the Emotiva BasX MC-700, the BasX PT-100, the BasX TA-100, and the UMC-200. Once you plug in the BTM-1, your device will show up just like any other input on the unit, and will even remain paired if you temporarily switch to another input. The advanced Apt-X audio CODEC assures you excellent audio quality, and the BTM-1’s long range performance will truly astound.

    • Fully Bluetooth 3.0 compliant.

    • Apt-X audio CODEC for CD-quality audio.

    • Long range and reliable connections.

    • Supports Play Control (on devices that offer it).

    • Can be set to automatically start playing when it senses your Bluetooth device within range.

    • Acts just like a regular input on the BasX PT-100, TA-100, UMC-200, and MC-700.

    • Remains paired even if you switch the BasX PT-100, TA-100, UMC-200, or MC-700 to another input.

    • Connection Type:
      Proprietary connector.

    • Bluetooth Capabilities:
      Bluetooth Version 3.0 compatible.
      apt-X CD-Quality audio CODEC

    • Device Compatibility:
      Designed to work specifically with the BasX PT-100, TA-100 and UMC-200

    • Size:
      Unboxed: 1” wide x 0.3” thick x 2.7” long
      Boxed: 1.75” wide X 0.875”thick x 3.75” long

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