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An important message about pricing from Dan Laufman.

Dear friends,

A word about pricing and sales…

Like many of you, I love a good deal and I love knowing that I’m getting the best price possible. That was the whole idea behind Emotiva. When I started the company, I wanted to offer exceptionally designed and high performance products and offer them at prices that more people could afford and enjoy. As a former manufacturer for other brands, I saw the markups and I knew what the products cost to make, and the difference between the two was striking.

To me, it’s important to be transparent about how products are produced and priced, and at Emotiva we have a very simple formula. Without getting into the nitty-gritty, you can see the direct correlation between the cost of the product and the retail price.  We operate on a very low internal markup in order to bring you the best possible value.

Which brings me to the subject of sales promotions; After careful consideration and personal reflection about how I like to be treated as a consumer, we faced a crossroads about how to price our products moving forward. What we realized is that in order to offer discounted promotions at two or more times a year, we’d have to raise our retail list prices to allow for promotional discounts, and that didn’t sit well with me. We’d be artificially raising our prices in order to put products on sale during promotional periods. Even more concerning, what we’ve learned from our customers is that a promotional sale creates winners and losers. The people that buy at full-price and then see the product go on sale a month or so down the road feels cheated. That didn’t sit well with me.

Ultimately, we want to be fair to everyone. We don’t want to create winners and losers and we don’t want to price our products artificially higher to accommodate promotions and discounts.  It goes against our formula and our core beliefs that we hold as a company, to offer products at the ultimate cost/performance value ratio without inflated markups.  We respect and value our customers too much.

Moving forward, Emotiva will no longer offer sales promotions or discounts as part of our sales strategy.  We’ve decided instead to keep prices just where they are at the most affordable price possible for the rest of the year. So the price you see today is the same price you’ll see this summer, during the holidays, and after New Year’s in 2018.  Being honest with you all is the right thing to do. It may not be the attention-seeking sale that draws attention to our brand, but we feel it’s the best strategy for our company and customers.

We’d rather cut to the chase and give you the best value, straight away without any of the artificialness. It’s just not us.

With love and respect,

Dan Laufman

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