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Countdown to Emofest!

We are counting down the days until Emofest! It’s been four years since our last one, and we can’t wait to see all of our friends and customers in-person! We are working out the details for our demos and I think you’ll all be pleased with what we have going on this year.

We understand what it costs, both in time and resources to attend Emofest on a major holiday weekend. For many, you’re taking vacation time,traveling many miles by various forms of transportation, and taking your friends and family along for the ride. We know that it’s an investment and a leap of faith you are making with us, and we hope that we can provide an unforgettable weekend for everyone that attends – even kids too!

As you probably know, we’ve held several Emofest gatherings in the past, and we’ve usually included both on-site deals and special sales to go with them. As we told you earlier this year, we’re not going to be running any more sales and product promotions, mainly because they just complicate our goal of offering all of our customers the best prices all the time. However, as a thank you to the people who take the leap, and who spend their time and hard-earned money to be with us in person, we will have some really cool exclusive in-person-only blockbuster special opportunities. We believe it’s only fair to reward those who attend for the investment they’ve made in both time and expense to be here with us. These deals will ONLY be available for those who attend in person, and they won’t be available over the phone or on the Internet.

What will our deals look like? For starters this year we have our”Area 51″ garage extravaganza – it’s our odds and ends, B-Stock,engineering samples galore, an endless pit of cables – pretty much anything that’s been taking up space that we want to move out, it’s in Area 51! All proceeds from Area 51 go to charity, and this year it’s Shriners Hospital for Children. We’ll have some other Emofest attendee-onlys pecials too – but we won’t be sharing any of the details – even if you call or email. There will be opportunities for Factory Renewed anda few other things that we have up our sleeves. We also give away a ton of prizes for all ages!!We can’t wait to host you this year! We think it’s going to be an incredible weekend of audio nirvana!


Dan Laufman, Cathy Laufman, and your friends at Emotiva

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