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Emotiva now helping more people than ever!

Productivity Challenge – How do we still continue to offer amazing and personable sales support and product service while helping as many people as possible in a day? Plus, be fair to the queue of customer inquiries that come through to us via many different channels?

Answer – change how we accept inbound communications with an emphasis on email and live chat.

To best serve our customers and deliver exceptional service to everyone, we are available via live chat during our business hours of 8 AM - 5 PM CST. Check out the icon on our website! We still love the phone, but we will connect first online and then gather your information to get you to the right person to speak with if a call is necessary. Otherwise, the same friendly Emotiva staff is available to chat with directly from our website during business hours. Our chat support team includes more Emotiva staff than before because we have an all-hands-on-deck policy to help our customers with their sales and support needs.

We’re still the same friendly, customer-focused company, but we need to adapt, change, and use technology to evolve and provide the best experience we can to everyone. We will never have an outsourced call center or people on the phone that aren’t Emotiva staff. It’s never going to happen. To do that, though, and to always have high-level product experts available to customers, we can’t have inbound phone lines open like they used to be. While also getting customer inquiries through email and our website. What that means is that we were prioritizing the inbound call over the people waiting for email and chat responses, and that isn’t fair. Also, if the person best suited for the customer is unavailable or on the other line, it creates a game of phone tag and messages to get people connected. We’ve got to be efficient with our time as well as yours!

Are we available for phone calls and chats? Resounding YES! We know many conversations are best served by talking over the phone, and it’s also a preference for many people. Reach out and we’ll set it up!

We are also available during business hours and after business hours via email too! That has not changed. Sales@emotiva.com is where you can reach us.

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