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Introducing the new Stealth PA-1 Monoblock Amplifier

The Stealth PA-1 is a fully balanced Class-D monoblock power amplifier based on the popular ICEpower ASC300 amplifier module. This module includes a high-efficiency Class-D audio amplifier and a dedicated high-efficiency switch mode power supply (SMPS) on a single board. This is the same great-sounding B&O ICEpower technology you've seen in audiophile products costing many times as much as the PA-1.

All of the actual circuitry that makes up the amplifier and power supply is part of the ICEpower module. Here at Emotiva, we've incorporated this great technology into a simple and practical product, at a reasonable price. (A lot of other companies are quite comfortable putting the same module in a fancy case and charging you three or four times as much - or more - but that's not the way we roll.)

We think the Stealth PA-1 is the perfect solution if you're looking for a monoblock to power a center channel speaker. Or use a pair of them wherever you need a moderate amount of high quality audio power - especially if cooling is limited. You could even use a whole set of them to power your home theater system. (We're convinced you'll like the way they sound; after all, we do have a 30 day return policy.)


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