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Upcoming Price Increase

We strive for transparency with our customers. When you buy a product from Emotiva, you know that you are getting the best performing audio component that we can make at an unheard of price. In other words, the biggest bang for your buck. To make that happen, we have a simple formula for coming up with our retail prices. We don't add in tooling cost, R&D, etc. Instead, we add a modest profit to our actual cost of goods and pass the savings on to you. Our internal mark-up is about half the industry average. Therefore, we don't have extra wiggle room for cost increases in our prices.

As you may already know, we've just had another tariff increase of 25% on imported Chinese made goods. When the first round of tariff increases happened a few months back, we absorbed the increased cost without raising prices as a part of our commitment to you, our customer. We will always try to preserve our incredible prices for you all, and we were proud that we were able to continue with business as usual despite the increase. However, this most recent change in policy has caused another significant increase, and we will have to raise our prices starting on July 1, 2019.

This price increase will be minimal, and something we must do to continue to provide you with the product and quality promised. The tariffs will also affect our made in the USA products as they are manufactured, like most brands, with parts imported from China. So, the impact is across the board for both the finished goods that we import and our products assembled in Franklin, TN.

As business owners and as consumers, we are all affected by the recent changes. We hope that these tariff increases are temporary and that we'll be able to reevaluate our prices in the future. Our ongoing mission is to produce quality products and deliver value. We appreciate your ongoing support, and if you have any questions, please contact 615-790- 6754.

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