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Audioholics awards the XMC-1 as the best Multichannel Preamp-Processor of 2015

“Emotiva has long impressed us with their amplifiers but the launch of the XMC-1 7.2 channel processor had us take note of this watershed product. Sonic performance was simply excellent—including outstanding reference sound in two-channel stereo mode, something that multichannel preamps are not known for. While the XMC-1 doesn’t give you Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, the inclusion of Dirac LE (with a paid upgrade to Dirac Full) for room correction; a ridiculously low noise floor; eight HDMI with 4K/60Hz; and a forthcoming free upgrade to HDCP 2.2 make this a compelling offering.   The XMC-1’s price point is all Emotiva: an superb value.”

Read the full review.

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