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XPA Gen3 Bad Ass Award 2016 | Home Theater Hifi

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Multi-channel Power Amplifier

The high end’s high value champ, Emotiva, just released the newest version of their highly regarded power amplifiers. It is the XPA Gen3 and it is a modular design that is available in two to seven channels depending on the number of amp modules installed. The power supply is a high tech Class H design which promises high power, cool operation and low energy consumption. In actual use, the Gen3 really floored me. It was extremely powerful with good frequency balance and low distortion. On movies, especially the kind with things blowing up, the sound it put out illuminated my listening space like very few amplifiers have. The Emotiva XPA Gen3 power amp is the 2016 recipient of the Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity “Bad Ass Award”. It is worthy of this award because it is capable of high power output with very low distortion. This amplifier is definitely for you if you love action movies and love to crank ’em up!!!!



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