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Airmotiv XA2 Height / Surround / Ceiling / Reflective Speakers (Pair)

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Sturdy, Elegant Cabinet; Enhanced Acoustic Design
Rotating tweeter and waveguide, for more versatility.
Secure, easy to use bracket- allowing for multiple mounting positions.
Five year, transferable warranty.
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Discover the XA2

The new Airmotiv X loudspeakers share the same heritage of design sophistication, manufacturing quality, and the ability to deliver a truly awesome listening experience.

Here are a few of the more important and interesting features of the Airmotiv XA2→

Versatile Two-Way Speaker Design

The Airmotiv XA2 excels as a two-way speaker for surround sound, height, ceiling, and reflective channels. It features a 32mm folded ribbon tweeter, a 5.25” woven glass fiber midrange/woofer, and a precision crossover with top-grade film capacitors and air-core inductors.

Robust Build Quality

The construction of the XA2 includes a heavily braced, acoustically inert HDF cabinet with a satin finish lacquer on the front and contoured trim rings around each driver. The sides and rear are covered in durable, textured vinyl.

Easy and Secure Mounting

Each Airmotiv XA2 comes with a solid metal Easy-Secure bracket for hassle-free mounting on walls or ceilings, offering versatile orientation options.

Flexible Positioning Options

The XA2's design allows for flexible placement. Its angled front panel makes it ideal for direct firing or reflective sound when wall or ceiling mounted, ensuring perfect audio alignment in various room layouts.

Elegant Design Features

The XA2 includes a removable grill with detailed corners and an elegant metal Emotiva badge, which can be oriented to match the speaker's placement.

Seamless Integration

The XA2 is perfectly timbre-matched for a harmonious blend with both the latest and older Airmotiv models, ensuring a consistent and immersive audio experience.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is demonstrated with a full five-year transferable warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and satisfaction.

The Airmotiv XA2, a versatile two-way surround, ceiling, height, and reflective speaker, features a 25mm x 32mm folded ribbon tweeter and a 5.25” woven fiber woofer. It's designed for either wall-mounted surround sound or ceiling-mounted height channels, making it a great fit for immersive audio setups in diverse room types.

Included with every XA2 is a robust mounting bracket suitable for both wall and ceiling setups, allowing flexible orientation. Its adjustable tweeter and waveguide ensure optimal sound dispersion, adapting seamlessly to any installation.

Airmotiv X Loudspeakers: Redefining A Legacy

Introducing the Airmotiv X Loudspeakers - a blend of our best product design and high performance. These speakers are crafted for the ultimate audio goal: to convey the full sound spectrum with minimal distortion to bring out the best in any audio, from classical tunes to rock anthems and even blockbuster movies.

Transforming a basic electrical signal into a rich musical experience, your loudspeakers are crucial in any audio setup. They are the heart of music's emotional impact. Quality speakers don't just play sound; they create an immersive listening adventure.

Whether you're an audiophile with a stereo system or seeking a top-tier home theater experience, Airmotiv X fits perfectly. We've meticulously merged superior technical prowess, exceptional sound clarity, stylish design, and value in Airmotiv X to create our best speakers yet.

New Airmotiv Aesthetics

Our new Airmotiv X loudspeakers feature a new modern design aesthetic. The cabinets on the towers are slender and graceful. The front panels feature a very gentle edge bevel, which is attractive and helps reduce diffraction. The magnetically attached grills, with their rounded corner details, finish the presentation. In addition to the elegant satin lacquer finish on the front panels, we've added smooth trim rings that conceal the driver mounting hardware and help control diffraction while giving the new Airmotiv X loudspeakers a more sophisticated and finished appearance.

Revamped Performance Design

The new Airmotiv X loudspeakers also feature new and improved touches, taking them to a higher level than ever before for Airmotiv. The new Airmotiv X Loudspeakers feature a rotatable folded ribbon tweeter with an improved waveguide allowing users to configure the speaker to fit their specific system layout. The towers are structurally reinforced with internal window bracing and lined with thick Dacron for optimal sound dampening. Every speaker includes an internal-mounted crossover and efficient wire routing, ensuring efficient performance and serviceability. The robust, over-one-inch thick multi-layer front panel enhances rigidity. The driver layout is optimized for superior sound quality, complemented by non-parallel midrange walls to reduce internal reflections, delivering an exceptional acoustic experience.


  • Configuration: Two-way, wall or ceiling mounted surround or height channel loudspeaker. Painted HDF baffle, PVC laminated HDF enclosure, 25mm baffle, extensively damped
  • Cabinet tuning: Sealed

Driver Compliment

  • High frequency driver: 1 ea. - 25mm x 32mm Airmotiv folded ribbon tweeter with Neo magnet system
  • Low frequency driver: 1 ea. - 5.25” woven cone diaphragm, aluminum voice coil, long throw motor, progressive spider, copper shorting ring, and NBR surround

Electrical Specifications

  • Efficiency: 86 dB (2.83V/1m).
  • Power handling: 80W continuous / 150W peak
  • Recommended amplifier power: 40W or more
  • Nominal impedance: 4-ohms, safe with amplifiers rated for 8-ohm loads
  • Frequency response: 75 Hz – 27 kHz (+3/-3 dB).
  • Crossover Freq: woofer/tweeter - 3.2 kHz.
  • Heavy duty compression style speaker terminals 


  • Dimensions: 12.5” long x 7.15” wide x 8.5” deep (boxed)
  • (Add 0.25” inch for grill and 0.25” for mounting bracket)
  • 19" x 17" x 13" (boxed pair)
  • Weight: 22 pounds (unboxed)
  • 27 pounds (boxed pair)
  • Mounting: Easy-Secure mounting system with solid steel mounting bracket.
  • Grille: Black cloth over a rigid frame.
  • Badge can be mounted to match speaker orientation.


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