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Your own devices can produce incredible sound - they just need a little help.

Hear what you’ve been missing in your digital files.

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Music - how it’s meant to be heard.

Breathe new life into your collection with the stunning sound quality of Emotiva DACs, amplifiers, and speakers.

Find out what your ears have been missing. Emotiva personal audio systems help you get the most out of your digital files, and, with solutions on any budget, you’ll never have to let the high-quality music you already own go to waste with bad sound.

All of your digital music sources, from high-resolution file downloads, to streaming audio, will sound their best on a high quality Emotiva Personal Audio system. Our DACs convert your digital sources into analog audio with astonishing detail and subtlety, and our amps and speakers will let you hear that great sound the way it was intended to be heard, with superb dynamics and powerful deep bass that you can actually feel. Rediscover your music collection and immerse yourself in the high-fidelity experience every artist intends.

Personal audio means different things to different people. For some, it means a great sounding small stereo for the bedroom; for others, it’s headphones they can use in the dorm room; or just a better-sounding way to listen to their laptop while on the road. We offer a variety of personal audio products to enhance every personal audio experience. If you listen to a lot of music from your computer, but the only audio output it has is the built-in sound card, you might want to consider adding one of our high quality DACs (digital-to-analog converter) like the Big Ego. If you want great sounding audio for a small room - like an office, bedroom, or dorm room - consider one of our personal audio bundles for small to medium rooms. Whatever your personal audio needs, we’ve got you covered… with great sound.

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Top to Bottom; Inside and Out; Simply The Best

Emotiva systems don’t just look great - they are built from the ground up, to exacting standards, to provide the greatest value imaginable.

At Emotiva, we design each of our systems entirely from top to bottom with the understanding that technology evolves and needs change - we build for the future. Every Emotiva system is built for the future, not for obsolescence. Our modular, upgradeable designs work together seamlessly to create end-to-end solutions whether you are outfitting your dorm room or your in-home theater. We are designers, engineers, creators, audiophiles, music and movie enthusiasts, and we’re all here for the same reason you are: simply great sound. With Emotiva, you can rest assured you’re making a valuable investment in stunning specialty products that are handcrafted with care.

High Resolution Audio On Your Desktop

Not everyone has a custom home theater or dedicated listening room. For many of us, music listening is a more personal experience that we enjoy while working at our computer, or in a dorm room, or our bedroom. However, even if you’re just going to be listening to your favorite music on your computer, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a truly transcendent listening experience. In fact, there are plenty of great sounding solutions for listening to music close up and personal. Just as with a big stereo or home theater system, the key to maximizing your enjoyment is to choose the right equipment.

If you’re going to use a computer as your music source, you’re going to want a DAC; the sound cards in most computers don’t sound very good, and upgrading your sound card is often one of the best improvements you can make. Next, you’re going to need a pair of compact speakers, and an amplifier to power them. There are some great little computer speakers out there that have the DAC and amplifiers built in. However, here at Emotiva, we think you’re better off going with separate components. Our Airmotiv B1 speakers are small enough to fit on a shelf, or even a large desk, but deliver really big sound. Our TA-100 includes a precision DAC, its own preamp and power amp, and even an FM tuner. Or, if you already have a DAC, our A-100 amplifier is great for powering speakers, and also includes an innovative headphone output that delivers the same great sound as the headphone outputs on highly revered vintage equipment. Whichever way you choose to go, we’ve got you covered.

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Small Space, Big Sound Personal Audio Bundle

If you want to enjoy your music, but the rest of your family has other ideas, or your dorm mates prefer to study, you should consider headphones. Headphones provide a truly personal listening experience – and allow you to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want, without disturbing the rest of your family or your dorm-mates.

Headphones come in several basic varieties. Closed back headphones provide near perfect privacy, while open backed models allow you to remain connected to the world around you, and you can choose between on-ear headphones, and headphones that cover your entire ear like a cup. All of them can sound great, so it’s really just a matter of personal preference. If you’ve never owned headphones before, it’s a good idea to try several different models; listen to each for several minutes, and make sure it not only sounds good, but stays comfortable after you wear it for a while.

The headphone amplifiers in computers are usually worth avoiding. However, a lot of audio gear offers a good quality headphone output, and there are plenty of really high quality separate headphone amps available. If you plan to use both speakers and headphones, or just want really superb sound and lots of power for your headphones, we recommend our A-100 amp, which includes both high quality speaker outputs and a truly innovative and great sounding headphone output.

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The X-Series Range

XPA-DR2 Differential Reference™ Two-Channel Power Amplifier

Differential Reference™ Two-Channel Power Amplifier

The XPA-DR2 is a very high-powered, fully differential, two-channel audiophile power amplifier. The XPA-DR2 delivers 550 watts RMS into 8 Ohms, and 800 watts RMS into 4 Ohms, per channel, and is the ideal choice to power a no-holds-barred stereo music system, or to power the critical front left and right channels of an absolutely awesome surround sound system.


XPA-11 Gen3 11 Channel Audiophile Home Theater Power Amplifier

11 Channel Audiophile Home Theater Power Amplifier

The XPA-11 Gen3 is the perfect choice for powering a high end Dolby Atmos or DTS-X surround sound system, or any system with height channels. The XPA-11 provides three high-powered channels to run your critical front speakers, and eight lower-powered channels to power your surround and height channels.


RMC-1 16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor

16 Channel Dolby Atmos & DTS:X Cinema Processor

The RMC-1 is a state-of-the-art surround sound processor - designed from the ground up to serve as the nerve center of a modern home theater or surround sound music system. The bit-perfect video switches in the RMC-1 ensure that you’ll get the best possible image quality from the latest HDR and Dolby Vision 4k UHD discs, and the advanced audio decoding engine, audio processing hardware, and room correction options guarantee you true audiophile sound quality and performance.