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Amazing audio. Affordable prices.

Very Pleased

Blown away by build quality and sound. Friends familiar with my previous A/V receiver have commented on the vast improvement related to soundstage and effortless power. The MR-1 has breathed new life into my home theater experiences.

- Harold M.

Great Little Sub SE8

I sourced one in the UK thanks to the USA customer service which is second to none. I use the bass management for my PC speaker system and it works really well. Highly recommend Emovita as a company and the SE8 is super little sub. Thanks Clayton for sorting me out.

- Sean


I just replaced my powered D300 Swan Speakers with the TA-1, and ELAC unifi reference speakers and all I can say is wow. The power and clarity is amazing. The sound should get even better as the speakers break in. All in all a great buy.

- George A.

Great Amps

I have an XPA 7 GEN 3, AN XPA 5 GEN 3, BAS X 4 and an XPA DR 2 DENON AVR 8500HA FOR PROCESSOR. This combination sounds fantastic. I have no regrets purchasing the Emotiva amplifiers

- Alfred P.

Best Ever!!!

I never heard clarity until I purchased this very very Big but Beautiful. I love the look sound crisp vocals better than any center I have had. I might purchase 2 more to run a LCR. Believe me it's worth every penny. Please Buy

- Michael S.

Believer in the brand

Started with the B1+ and the BasX A3. Loved them. Saved my money for the T2+. Bought them, they went on sale and Emotiva gave me back the difference. Amazing products amazing service.I’ll be back for more

- Jeff

Blown Away

The phono preamp has breathed new life into my vinyl. I’ve have been blown away by how good this preamp paired with the BasX2 amp sounds both CDs and vinyl sound great. Far exceeded my expectations.

- Aaron B.

Best Amp, Best Tech Support

I replaced a proton 6 channel Amp with two of the BasX A3's. It blows the Proton away. I had a slight problem of unknown origin. Their tech support was awesome! They really care to see that you are satisfied.

- Ernie H.

Super Quality Amp

Love the super solid build quality and attention to detail. Added this 9 channel to enable me to put my Denon AVR-4700 into preamp mode and the difference in detail is amazing. Crisp clean and clear. You can never go wrong picking up one of these quality amps for enhance your system

- RWiseJr
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The Amplifier: Boosts your Preamp/Processor Signal to Match the Power of Loudspeakers.
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The Processor: The Command Center of your Surround Sound System.
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The Loudspeaker: The Voice of Your Stereo or Home Theater System.
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